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About DonationStation.org

Do you have an extra television, a computer that’s a few years old, perhaps some baby clothes you don’t need? Would you prefer to give these items to individuals who actually need them? DonationStation.org is a unique website that allows people to donate specific items directly to individuals in need of them. These individuals advertise for needed items by posting listings on the site.

Charities are great. They do great work in helping those in need. However, after dropping off that extra bed that was taking up space in the garage at the local charity, sometimes we are left wondering whether or not it actually wound up in the hands of someone who really needed it. With that said, DonationStation.org does not limit you to only giving to individuals. We want to you to have the control of how and to whom you donate. Therefore, we also allow and encourage charities to post listings as well. Many times charities are not getting the items they really need via their normal channels, so DonationStation.org offers them another alternative. We believe that choice is good.

Are you in need of something? Many of us face situations that limit us financially. Some examples? Single mom barely surviving and in need of winter clothes for her 5 y/o. The struggling college student barely making ends meet and in desperate need of a computer. A disabled Army Vet in need of a wheelchair. The list is endless. If you are someone in need of items you may not be able to afford, DonationStation.org is where you can advertise for them.

This site had been developed to help those in need. If requesting a donated item from this site will help you to overcome difficult financial circumstances, please proceed with your request. If the item is not a necessity for you, please allow someone of greater need to find it here and request it”.

To learn more about how to search and post listings, please visit our How to Use page.

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